Ayur vedic massage

Welcome to Ayur Garden, this is the place to rest and regenerate your body and mind. A beautiful environment with good food and happy smiles from our staff to let you go home with a refreshed outlook on life.

You can take a massage to relax the body, go for a walk in the beautiful environment drink a tea and enjoy some peace and happiness.

An Ayur Vedic Massage gives a deep relaxation through which mind and body are harmonized. The Ayur Vedic science of healing is one of the oldest and most effective health practices where aromatic high quality herbal oils are used to energize the body.

We offer you a massage of 1,5 hour during your stay.

There are also several packets with suggestion for a weekend or a week at our place. Choose something of your liking and budget and feel welcome...

 For more information, call +48 665 000 037 or write to us