Romantic Lanckorona


Lanckorona is probably the most romantic place in the world.

The place was founded by the great King Kazimierz round about 1360. On the top of a not big mountain of about 550 high he funded a castle and the village has a beautiful marketplace. 

What then makes Lanckorona so romantic. Time stands still here. It has beautiful views over the hills to the south and there is some magic in the air.

It always has been a place of inspiration for artist, painters, poets and songwriters.

Also, the world ends here as the road to the castle does not lead to heaven but closer to it and that is tangible. People just feel inspired being here, eating something. Walking and talking. The place regenerates also the relationship between couples, lovers, friends. It is the power of simplicity which leads back to feelings of love.

Come for your self to experience it.