Conference centre

Our place is great for small conferences and meetings. Whether it a business or management meeting or a yoga course, success is guaranteed because of the bright and crisp atmosphere where the mind is reset to a natural state. The simplicity, beauty and harmony of the Lanckorona environment enhance creative resolutions which can be used for a long time.

What do we have to offer:

  • Sleeping places for 12-18 people.
  • A hall with a fire place and technical equipment like a projector etc. for your meetings.
  • Coffee & Thea breaks and lunches and dinners.
  • A big forest for relaxing walk & talks. 

Ask our offer for guided courses like:

Yoga & meditation. 

  • Learn how to overcome stress and tension with some simple age old exercises.

Lifestyle trainings

  • Optimise your daily routine with useful hints and tips from India's age old science of Ayur Veda.

Vision Management

  • Shape the future of your company with a deep diving in the depts. of your companies’ strategy for the next 10 years. Expert guidance to your company’s key success.

Ayur Vedic massage

  • The ayur vedic massage belongs to one of the most healing remedies on earth. Discover the secret of reversing the aging process


Universal temple

In our place is a small universal temple and people of all beliefs or non-beliefs are equally invited for a moment of reflection and meditation on the values like truth, simplicity and love.

The temple is open from 6:00 until 21:00 daily and you are kindly requested lo leave the shoes outside and take no food and drinks inside

Most sundays at 10:00 there is a meditation around the fire. If you like to join please talk to our staff for details.