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Going on a mountain walk

From our place you see a large and majestic mountain which is called the Babia Mountain. it is 1725 meter oversee level. It is a 50 km drive to go there and it takes 3 hours to go up. I went there with my daughter and a friend of her. The weather was slightly clouded but warm. 
The whole forest is covered with blueberries and the path up is well paved. I guess the path is made by some giants in the past and I imagine how they were doing that and what they were eating.
On the first stopover you have beautiful views and you and it is a suitable place for some rest and food
After the second stop over the trees are vanishing and you are merely on the top. It gives you a feeling of being on the roof of the world.
On the top you can see the Orava lake in Slovenia and if it not to cloudy also the Tatra Mountains with peaks of almost 3000 meter. It is now time to take a good rest and prepare for going down which takes about 2 hours.
I slept so well that night dreaming of the mountains!
P.S.: O yes, also in Lanckorona and environment you can make very nice walks without haveing to drive anywhere. Just outside our gate there is a half an hour walk for "Lovers Aley" and a one hour walk which is called "Silent Whispers" but are very nice around the top of our mountain and finishing in the village.
Another beautiful walk is to the monastery in Kalwaria Zebryzdowska. It is about an hour and a half and we advise you to take a Pope cake in the monastery.